Well known for the quality of our forced air heating systems, in 1986, we were approached to install a European radiant hydronic heat system called HeatLink.

Recognizing that the type of pipe and manifolds had a huge impact on the quality and longevity of radiant systems, after considerable research, we decided on Pex pipe and a flow balancing manifold from HeatLink. Once we received certification / training with the European manufacturer, we installed our very first system. We are proud to announce that over the subsequent years, as that particular homeowner has built his second and third homes, we have been the heating company of choice for him on every project!

We here at WM Schmidt have continued to install the very best radiant installations to our customers. Whether it is a basement, garage, entire home or even a snow melt system in the driveway, it will always have the very best products, designed to provide the most efficient and comfortable system available.

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