About WM Schmidt Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

One of the Largest Independent Combined Shops in Alberta

WM Schmidt Mechanical Contractors Ltd. is a full service HVAC/Plumbing contractor with the ability to design, install, repair and maintain any home heating or air conditioning system in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Founded in 1956 

WM Schmidt Mechanical Contractors Ltd. was founded in 1956 by William Schmidt. Today, the Schmidt Family is still actively involved in the company; as well, some of today’s contributors have been with the company since its early days completing thousands of installations in Southern Alberta.

Today, we are proud to have served generations of Calgary families, heating the first, second and even the third generation’s homes. WM Schmidt has a staff of 90 that occupies 20,000 square feet at 4603 – 13 Street, NE, Calgary. We utilize 50 company trucks to install heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and radiant floor heating systems in Calgary. We are considered one of the largest independent combined mechanical shops in Western Canada. WM Schmidt was one of the first to achieve the coveted Alberta Occupational Health and Safety “Certificate of Recognition” (COR) in the residential mechanical industry.

Working Together 

WM Schmidt has three active divisions: Water, Air, and Radiant. The water division includes all plumbing and hydronic heating, while the air division includes forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These departments promote new products and services that can be designed and sold as a system. The key goal is to meet the special needs of customers for specialty products and upgrades. The departments work closely together to promote the energy conservation solutions that WM Schmidt has developed over the years.

A Charities Sponsor

As a Charities Sponsor, We offer support through the Calgary Home Builder’s Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Calgary Mustard Seed. For the past several years, we have been active members of the Calgary Home Builder’s Association. We are always looking for ways to connect with our community and drive awareness around local initiatives.

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