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Servicing Major Brands & Manufactures

HVAC Services

Providing Calgarians with heating comfort since the early 1950’s, WM Schmidt has consistently achieved the highest standard in heating excellence. Sought after by customers, chosen for quality and competence, our systems help to make a “House a Home”. The equipment we supply is selected to provide the very best in service, longevity and efficiency. Only a selected few manufacturers manage to make our short list!

Serving some of Calgary’s very best builders, we have established relationships with some that have lasted over 40 years! It is the relationships such as these that have kept us going through thick and thin economic times. The quality we offer has never faltered and today, we congratulate you on choosing one of our premier builders!

Plumbing Services

Inaugurated in 1981, our plumbing division has been serving Alberta’s New Home Market for over 30 years. With a dedicated crew of journeymen and apprentices, WM Schmidt is well prepared to take on the challenge of your new home. Using only the very best materials installed to the highest standard of quality and expertise, we endeavor to ensure that the plumbing in your home will give you many years of trouble free service.

From deep in the ground connecting the sewer to the City main (or septic tank in the country), using ABS pipe and fittings, we install all the waste, vent and drain pipes, PexA pipe with lead free fittings for the hot / cold waterlines in your walls and floor. We provide the gas line from the meter to all your gas appliances. Supplying your water heater (tank or tankless), tubs, toilets, sinks and faucets…everything attached to the house that holds or moves water in your home is our responsibility to provide and install!

Our Showroom, one of the finest in Southern Alberta, is available by appointment only to our builders and their customers. Displaying an extensive array of the latest plumbing fixtures, including Delta, Moen, Kholer and American Standard, with over 30 years of experience, the show room staff are perfectly equipped to address the installation issues, longevity and availability of your choices.

Radiant Services

Well known for the quality of our forced air heating systems, in 1986, we were approached to install a European radiant hydronic heat system called HeatLink.

Recognizing that the type of pipe and manifolds had a huge impact on the quality and longevity of radiant systems, after considerable research, we decided on Pex pipe and a flow balancing manifold from HeatLink. Once we received certification / training with the European manufacturer, we installed our very first system. We are proud to announce that over the subsequent years, as that particular homeowner has built his second and third homes, we have been the heating company of choice for him on every project!

We here at WM Schmidt have continued to install the very best radiant installations to our customers. Whether it is a basement, garage, entire home or even a snow melt system in the driveway, it will always have the very best products, designed to provide the most efficient and comfortable system available.