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Do you have same day service appointments?2023-02-27T15:38:49-06:00

WM Schmidt has a 24-hour emergency service line. We will attempt to address your issue in the most timely manner possible, especially with emergency care.

Do you do upgrades/renovations?2023-02-27T15:38:14-06:00

We specialize in new home construction, but we have done many renovations, particularly through our radiant division. Contact us if you are in need of a major service or an upgrade to a system that WM Schmidt installed.

Do you service equipment that was not installed by WM Schmidt?2023-02-27T15:37:28-06:00

We focus on equipment that we have designed and installed as it will be what we are most familiar with. However, we will answer any emergency service call to the best of our ability.

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